Open Source

¿Do you want to build the prosthesis on your own? ¿Are you a possible user or a developer?

Download in this link all the necessary files to be able to build the prosthesis. These include instructions, software code, 3D printing files, electrical schematics, among others.

If you are a developer, with the available files you can continue editing and improving the prosthesis.

We also include the manufacturing instructions on the platform at the following link:

We are three engineers from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile who majored in Robotics and Autonomous Systems. We aimed to develop the first 3D-printed myoelectric prosthesis in Chile to make an impact in society from our field of study, by offering an local, affordable and technological alternative to traditional prosthetics. After two years of development we decided to share the full project as open source, so anyone who needs can build our prosthesis and even improve it.

What we offer


We included a sensorial system which allows the prosthetic to give our users tactile feedback on the lost limb.


The design seeks to imitate the form of a human hand to give more comfort in social environments, to lower the psychological impact of the prosthesis.


The hand has independent movement on all 5 fingers, allowing a lot of different positions and grips.


Learn more about the problem of amputees in Chile and the work we have done so far as High Five, in order to improve their condition.