The life of the amputees

In Chile, more than 120.000 people live their lives with some kind of amputation, but only a 15% uses prosthetic solutions 1. This means that more than 100.000 amputees have not found a proper solution for their condition.

The reasons behind this, are either the esthetic, functional or economic aspects of the current offer in the prosthetic market in our country. This field has not been developed accordingly to the immense technological developments achieved by our society, and it’s time we do something about it.

We worked with Sebastián Illanes, amputee from childbirth, to find the best way to develop a product that solves all of the previously mentioned problems we discovered in Chile. In order to do so, we took advantage of the latest improvements achieved in manufacture processes like flexible 3D-printing.


That’s why we decided to apply robotics to this field and take the 3D prosthetics to the next level.